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INCREASE your income, ADD VALUE to the recovery operation, COMPLY with state laws.

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Up-to-date textbooks and practice tests are available in downloadable and hardcopy format.

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An ILLINOIS PUBLIC ADJUSTER LICENSE is most efficiently and quickly obtained by taking a classroom-based exam prep course, rather than an online or textbook self-study course. Why? Because for the Illinois Public Adjuster License, you must pass a tough and wide-ranging exam. To pass the exam, you will need to PREPARE. You will need certain KNOWLEDGE. And a classroom-based course will teach you the topics that ARE on the exam, and you won’t waste time studying topics that are not.

High school teachers, university professors, and other instructors will tell you that classroom courses produce better outcomes than online study. This is expecially true for the exam you must pass to get your Illinois Public Adjuster License.

Franklin Public Adjuster Training is in business EXCLUSIVELY to prepare you to pass your state license examination, and to fulfill your Continuing Education needs which will be required beginning in 2013. We are the ONLY educational provider set up just for this purpose. Our instructors are very well versed in the topics that appear on your license exam, and our passing rate is unrivaled.

We offer pre-licensing courses in a CLASSROOM SETTING as well as downloadable or hardcopy texts and practice tests. Our instructors and authors have decades of experience in the field and in the classroom.

Franklin Public Adjuster Training Center, LLC is an approved Educational Provider of the State of Illinois.