Illinois Public Adjusters Examination and License Information

To obtain an Illinois Public Adjuster license, you must (1) register for and pass the State exam, and then (2) submit a fully-completed application plus a $20,000 surety bond and a copy of your contract and rates to the Department of Insurance.  You must also submit to fingerprinting.  Applicants who are approved receive their license promptly in the mail.

A Public Adjuster Candidate Handbook is available online from the Illinois Department of Insurance, at .  This guide provides more detailed information about becoming a Public Adjuster.

TO REGISTER FOR THE EXAM:  Go to to pay the $103.00 exam fee and to schedule the time and place to sit for the exam.

The exam is made up of 100 multiple-choice questions, and you must answer 70% or more correctly to pass.

Although mastery of the exam topics is not required to pass, you must be understand the nature of each of the topics, and know enough of the details to distinguish one answer choice from another.  Therefore, you WILL have to review the topics, and you WILL have to memorize some of the technical information.

Experience tells us that a MINIMUM of 25 to 40 hours of intensive study is normally required to pass.  Do you have the discipline needed for SELF-STUDY?

Classroom-based courses provide a higher passing rate than online and other self-study methods.  In a classroom, you benefit from the shared experiences and comments of your classmates.  And in a classroom course, you are virtually forced to review the material!

TO SUBMIT YOUR APPLICATION:  After you pass the public adjuster examination, you must submit a license application form PA-1 with a $250.00 check payable to the Director of Insurance and provide evidence of financial responsibility in the amount of $20,000 in the form of a surety bond or letter of irrevocable letter of credit.

Before a Public Adjuster license may be issued the Public Adjuster applicant must be fingerprinted by an Illinois approved Live Scan Fingerprint Vendor. No license will be issued until the Department receives the results from the Illinois State Police.

Prior to becoming licensed, you must also comply with the provisions of Administrative Rule 3118, which requires that you file your contract and rate schedule of charges, in duplicate, along with a letter of submission, in duplicate, with the Department of Insurance.

Submission of Public Adjuster Business Entity application PA-2 is also required should the licensee need to also obtain a license for the entity.